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Welcome to the first Art of Dentistry and Spa blog. I have struggled about a potential topic for a blog for quite a bit of time. You see, I always knew that I wanted a blog, and I always knew that our office needed a blog, but lets be honest here,- just simply writing about dentistry was not going to be fun for anyone, especially me.

Recently, however, I was inspired by one of our typical days at The Art of Dentistry and Spa when I was working with a patient and in the background I noticed an enormous amount of laughter throughout our office. This was not an uncommon event at all for me. It is not unusual to hear laughing and people generally enjoying themselves while at a dental appointment, so at first I didn’t take much notice. But then it occurred to me, the blog should be about what happens at our office on a daily basis because what we do and the experiences that our patients have are not commonplace in the dental field.

I think readers may very well want to know what happens in this amazing environment while we are really making a difference and changing peoples lives, not just their smiles. Of course I will try to educate the readers of this blog about dentistry, more importantly our brand of dentistry, but I also will be introducing readers to the behind-the-scenes running of the practice and sharing with them some of the real life events that take place while doing so. I don’t know how often I will get to write, or if this blog will even be any good, but I do know that if this becomes just another dentist or dental office manager writing about the benefits of whitening or root canals, absolutely nobody would read it and I wouldn’t blame them.

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  1. emily kay says:

    I enjoy reading your blog posts! I look forward to your humorous but informative approach!

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