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Our Technology

We have taken great pride in offering our patients the very best dental care for years and having the most advanced, state-of-the-art, equipment, materials and techniques allows us to provide the best for our patients consistently.
These are just a few of the areas we thought we should make special note of:

Computers: We are a COMPLETELY PAPERLESS practice. We are fully computerized in every one of our 10 patient treatment rooms, as well as ALL other areas of the practice. Our computer network was built with your sensitive information in mind and designed for efficiency and security. Your private dental and medical records can be accessed anywhere you go within our practice. You can be confident that your information is safe and sound. In the event that we need to refer you to a dental specialist, digital records and x-rays allows for your transition into that office to be seamless and worry free.


Electronic Billing: We will submit all of your dental insurance claims electronically just for you. You do not need to worry about bringing paperwork to the office. You can submit all forms through our website. This allows you to focus on yourself and enjoy your dental experience, while we worry about the rest.


Kids Cam: We know youre busy. We know you have to bring the kids along sometimes. That’s why we created the kids cam. We have a secure and soundproof room, with closed circuit cameras, equipped with an XBOX and a Nintendo Wii for your children to play while you are having your treatment done. But best of all, you can watch them the entire time on our overhead monitors which are viewable from any angle in the dental treatment room.


Digital Radiographs: Our digital X-ray system removes 80 percent of the radiation you are used to being exposed to for your dental X-rays. This makes it safer for you. Also, since the X-rays are digital, they go anywhere within the practice you go in an instant. For those of you who have had experience with digital x-ray sensors already we have a surprise, OURS ARE COMFORTABLE. We use state-of-the-art phosphor film plates that are actually thinner than traditional X-ray films, not those bulky sensors which can make you gag.


Our Sterilization: When we built our office we looked ahead at the newest sterilization technology, because we take our sterilization measures seriously. We use Class B sterilization, the highest form of sterilization available, to ensure that you are safe and healthy throughout your dental treatment.


On-Site Lab: We have an on-site laboratory where we can fabricate many of the restorations you would normally wait weeks for. Athletic mouthguards, grinding appliances, TMJ appliances, orthodontic retainers, and many other therapeutic products and devices are fabricated quickly and expertly in our office.



Please take a minute to look at our virtual walkthrough to see our office.


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