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It’s always humbling when a new patient tells us that they truly enjoyed their visit to the office. And then I think of it a different way, how are they treated elsewhere? All too often now when you go to the doctor you sit in a cramped waiting room surrounded by magazines from years past. The staff is hidden away behind that familiar horizontal sliding glass window, which slams open and closed as they demand copies of your insurance card and drivers license. Its pathetic. Is this caring for people? NOT AT ALL.

Everything about the experience of going to the doctor or dentist has been declining for years There is a direct correlation between how people feel and how they are treated, but it has been largely ignored. Your first dental visit can often time be the most stressful. After all, going to the dentist is about trust, and you don’t even know us yet. We understand that. Thats why we changed the entire new patient experience. How many times have you gone to a doctor or dentist and left only to realize that you forgot to ask a question or mention something that you felt was important? Its frustrating. At your first visit here, you will sit with the doctor for an hour long interview, examination and discussion about you and your health. Thats unheard of. This visit is about you, not us. This will be the most thorough examination you may have ever had. We want to be certain that you are truly cared for.

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