Dentistry is changing

Dentistry is changing. Its true. A recent study has shown that large corporation based dental practices are swallowing up the small family owned dental offices, which we are all accustomed to. These corporations usually run a number of dental practices all over the country, with no regard to the people who live in the communities.

Recently, in our area, a few of these factory practices have opened up. The corporations who own these practices are very careful to make these practices seem like local owner operated practices; they routinely give them friendly names like, Smile Builders, Bright smile, etc, but rest assured there is no dentist who operates these facilities on a daily basis, unlike our practice and many others in the area. So whats the difference? In New Jersey, the law stipulates that only a licensed dentist can own a dental practice. This has been the standard for a number of years, and until now, was the best way to assure that a dental patient was getting the best quality dental treatment. After all, as a dental practice owner/operator, it behooves me to provide my patients with the best quality of care so they continue to come and refer friends to me. This has been the standard free market way to grow a business since the beginning of capitalism.

Things are different now. The large corporate practices operate with a completely different motivation. The game plan for these guys is right out of the Wolf of Wall Street movie; they open in several locations at one time, participate with hundreds of dental insurance plans, flood the market with mass mailings and high priced pay-per-click google ads, get thousands of people to walk through the door and do as much treatment as possible on each of them in the shortest period of time, then sell the practice off to another corporation. Who is stuck in the middle? the unsuspecting patients who thought they were getting quality treatment and now have broken crowns, fillings and a bitter taste in their mouths for dentists, literally.

3 Responses to Dentistry is changing

  1. Toto says:

    Having even this aspect of life being influenced by big corp business is very unfortunate.

  2. emily kay says:

    Seeing the quality and individualized care that your office gives to each patient is truly one-of-a-kind.

  3. Bill Diven says:

    Awesome post thank you for sharing.

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