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Enjoy a Facial and Help Your Skin

For some, facials may feel like a luxury. However, facials are an important part of your skin’s health. It’s important to know your skin type so that you know the best type of facial to get and products to use on your face. You may have breakouts, dry skin, or be experiencing signs of aging.

Making good nutritional decisions

At The Art of Dentistry and Spa, we take care of more than just your teeth. The health of your mouth and teeth can be helped (or hurt) by your diet. This month, we’d like to devote our blog space to the best nutritional decisions you can make to care for your body and your

Seven diseases your dentist can diagnose

You know you need to make your dental check-up appointment every six months. You have to get your teeth cleaned, and make sure there are no cavities or other problems in your mouth. But did you know that regular dental check-ups can literally save your life? There are a number of diseases that could prove

Year end insurance benefits

As the year comes to a close many of our patients have noticed that they did not use all of their insurance “benefits” for the year. Insurance benefits operate in a “use-it or lose-it” fashion, and hence on 1/1/16 all unused “benefits” will be lost for good. Many people still consider their dental insurance to

50 Shades of White Special

With the much anticipated release of the new 50 Shades of Grey book, we wanted to offer our patients (and avid book readers) a whitening special to brighten up their summer and smile. We offer different whitening options to best suit your lifestyle and budget. ZOOM in-office whitening will give you instant results in about


Why aren’t we “Preferred Providers”? This is a question my team and I get from time to time in our office from new patients. The term “preferred” makes one think that this is a select group who the insurance company has hand picked because they give either excellent value, quality or service, but in fact

New Patients

It’s always humbling when a new patient tells us that they truly enjoyed their visit to the office. And then I think of it a different way, how are they treated elsewhere? All too often now when you go to the doctor you sit in a cramped waiting room surrounded by magazines from years past.

Dentistry is changing

Dentistry is changing. Its true. A recent study has shown that large corporation based dental practices are swallowing up the small family owned dental offices, which we are all accustomed to. These corporations usually run a number of dental practices all over the country, with no regard to the people who live in the communities.

How bad are dental X-Rays?

There is a lot of very bad information out there which does a great disservice to you as a patient. The most concerning of this is the modern media’s so-called “doctors” on daytime television unfounded scare of dental X-rays. Lets get this straight right now, if a dentist went on television and told women that

Cheap is cheap

Many dental patients come to our office for second opinions or to have us correct something that an unscrupulous dentist had done in the past. Recently I saw a patient, lets call her Ruth, who came to our office because she had a crown done by her previous dentist and the gum tissue around the

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