Is there really a difference between one dentist and another?

At The Art of Dentistry and Spa, you’ll see our difference immediately, and you’ll be amazed.

When you go to the family dentist, you expect a friendly staff, the latest in technology, and something to aid with the pain you may experience. Do you expect a spa atmosphere? A serene setting with a waterfall in the waiting area? Coffee, tea, or even wine to sip while you wait? A computer in the waiting area so you can catch up on emails? The opportunity to get a facial, a massage, or a visit with a nutritionist? Doesn’t sound like your typical dentist, does it? You will get all of that at The Art of Dentistry and Spa.

Today’s advanced techniques—coupled with leading-edge technologies and a dentist’s unrelenting pursuit of the finest continuing education training—can make a huge difference in your aesthetic appearance, and in your comfort and satisfaction. At our family dental practice, you will benefit from the very latest treatment techniques including innovative advances in patient comfort, the highest-quality and longest-lasting materials, and the most aesthetically pleasing results. You’ll treasure the peace of mind that comes from a quickly developed sense of trust and confidence in our general dentistry practice.

Is holistic dentistry important to you?
We are dedicated to providing our patients with mercury-free restorations as a standard of care. We never use mercury in any of our restorations, ever.
Find out more about our safe Mercury Amalgam removal procedures (S.M.A.R.T.).

Mercury Free Dentistry

Visit The Art of Dentistry and Spafor a better dental experience.

At our practice, we believe in treating the whole person. That’s why we offer so much more than just the best dental care. You can look at your dental visit in a whole new way—as a day of nurturing for you. You can couple your dental appointment with a massage, or a facial using the most healthy and organic products, or a chat with our nutritionist, who will help you down a path toward optimal health.

We will also be sure your little ones are well cared for, with a playroom that includes the latest video games, and an intercom system so you can hear them and be sure they are doing fine while you take care of yourself.

Slip away to a peaceful and beautiful environment while you care for your whole body.

At the Art of Dentistry and Spa, we treat people, not teeth.

Contact us at The Art of Dentistry & Spa to schedule an appointment.

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Our general dentistry practice provides patients with the most advanced technologies, in a warm, family dentistry atmosphere. Serving patients from Branchburg, Rutgers, Somerset, and the surrounding area.


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    We Treat People – Not Teeth

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